WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who used his mentally impaired brother’s disability checks at a casino pleaded guilty to exploitation and will be required to make restitution of some of the funds.

Jerry Casillas pleaded guilty to exploitation of a disabled person and was sentenced to a 10-year sentence, suspended to probation.

As part of the plea in 78th District Court on October 20, 2023, when he pays the more than $6,000 restitution, he will be considered for early release of his sentence.

Casillas was arrested in August 2022 on charges filed by Adult Protective Services, alleging Casillas was exploiting his brother, who is mentally unable to care for himself.

They said Casillas would take his brother’s benefits and put them on a Direct Express Debit card.
APS stated the card was used for items unrelated to the victim’s care, including $8,426 at a casino in Devol.

When APS instructed Casillas to stop using the funds because the loss was contributing to lack of care of his brother, they said Casillas continued using it, even after APS obtained legal custody of his brother.

They said Casillas said he was entitled to the money because he was taking care of his brother.

APS told him that the loss of the funds had impacted their ability to place his brother into a care facility, and Casillas said he would not use the card anymore but demanded his brother be placed somewhere else that same day because he was worn out from caring for him.

APS reported they eventually could place the brother into a care facility.