WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who told police he has been a thief all his life and it’s all he knows how to do has been sentenced on his newest charges, which include taking a safe from an eastside church and food they had stored to feed the homeless.

Dorian Clark’s new prison sentences range from 6 years in prison to 225 days in jail, already served.

As part of the plea, two other charges from last year, auto theft and evading were dismissed.

All of the latest sentences are from crimes that were committed in a 3-week period last year. Even once in jail, Clark continued having charges filed.

Officers said they found meth in his sock and a pouch of meth in his underwear, and another inmate said Clark was using his phone account PIN to make phone calls.

Officials said Clark admitted making the phone calls because the other inmate was a sex offender and did not deserve to have any money in his phone account.

On September 27, 2022, a member of New Birth Baptist Church on Rosewood arrived to find a man taking items out of the church. He fled in a stolen SUV, and members found the church had been ransacked and vandalized, and many items taken, including a safe and food for the homeless.

Clark was identified by surveillance video, and on September 28, police learned he was at the OYO Hotel, but by the time they got in the room, he had cut a hole in the wall and escaped out the other side. Police found some items taken from the church.

He was caught by SWAT Team officers the next day on Taylor Street.

His other pleas were for burglaries at the Sun Valley Apartments’ office, a body shop on Lee Street and the office of Edge Apartments on Taft, in which the surveillance system and a computer were taken.

After that break-in, the manager said she received a text from Clark asking her for money, and when she got the computer back and powered it up, she said his profile popped up.

In his previous plea in 2021, Clark made a deal for 15 months in jail for about 10 charges, with some dismissed. He had been arrested on those charges by deputies using a drone over a field off Highway 258 after he was spotted in a stolen truck.