IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — A suspect who kept Iowa Park police running from one burglary call to another told officers in one of the break-ins he was only trying to warn residents that acid rain was falling when he tried to kick in the front door.

Patrick West, who has 25 arrests in Wichita County, has multiple new charges, including three burglaries, theft and criminal mischief, according to records.

Patrick West Wichita County Jail mugshot

On one call in the 300 block of South Texowa, police said the resident showed them a video of West coming to his front door holding a baseball bat, and he began trying to kick in the door and broke it. After that, he said West went to the resident’s vehicle and began rummaging through the contents. The resident told officers he thought the suspect lived in the street behind him.

Officers said they located West there and he admitted he was at the other house and when asked why he kicked in the door, he told them he was trying to let the family know that ‘acid rain was falling and they needed to leave.’

When asked why he burglarized their vehicle, he said because the keys were in the door.

Prior to locating West, officers said other calls included one on East Ruby where a woman pulled into her garage and said a man wearing camo shorts later identified as West came up to her and told her she needed to follow him because there were people with knives and hammers everywhere.

Another incident linked to West involved an alleged stolen pickup. The owner of a repair shop called police to tell them he saw a truck on East Garden that should still have been in his shop for repairs. Police said surveillance video from the shop showed West in camo shorts getting into the truck and driving off.

Another call that morning involved a burglary of a vehicle on East Jefferson in which a wallet, credit cards, and a social security card were taken.

A black felt cowboy hat left at the scene was linked to West.