WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Three men face charges after Wichita County deputies said they were hindered in making arrests on North Beverly Wednesday morning and ended up calling the SWAT team to assist.

Deputies were called to a house in the 1000 block of North Beverly Wednesday, April 21, to assist bail bond company representatives looking for a client with an active warrant for theft.

The representatives said they were parked in a church parking lot and had eyes on the man outside the house.

Two deputies arrived and did not see anyone outside. A deputy said he saw someone inside trying to break the glass of a south facing window, and then heard someone locking the backdoor.

Deputies said after they made repeated efforts to get someone to answer the door, a man came outside and identified himself as Juan Odum.

He told them the man they were looking for was not there, and there was no one else inside.

Deputies said they told him they had witnesses that said the man was there, but Odum continued insisting he was the only one there, and they warned him he could be charged with hindering an officer and harboring a fugitive. They said he still insisted there was no one else there.

They said Odum then went back and opened the front door, and the deputy saw a man matching the description of the one with warrants.

The deputy told the man to identify himself, and the man refused several times, saying he had a right not to.

They said Odum then called the other man Shane, and the man finally said his name was Shane Murphy, and that he didn’t identify himself because he had warrants.

Deputies confirmed he had two warrants for possession of a controlled substance, and he was arrested for them and also for failure to I.D.

Odum was arrested for three active warrants and hindering apprehension of a known felon.

The sheriff’s office SWAT team then arrived to make entry into the house for the original man wanted for warrants, who they believed was hiding in the attic.

Just before entry was made, they said the suspect, Robert Speitz Jr., answered the door and surrendered.