BURKBURNETT (KFDX/KJTL) — A young Burkburnett man who told police he was trying to pull a prank and scare his friend with a shotgun he thought was loaded with blanks has been indicted for manslaughter.

Jacob Emro, who was 23 at the time 21-year-old Zachary Robertson was shot, was also indicted for tampering with evidence.

The shooting happened on April 6 on Glendale in Burkburnett.

Officers found Robertson in a bedroom with a gunshot wound to his head.

Officers said a witness told them Emro was going to play a prank on the victim when he arrived at the home. The witness told police Emro was hiding in the bedroom when the victim walked in, and Emro screamed, then the victim screamed, then he heard a gunshot.

The witness told police Emro came out of the room panicking and walked into the living room.

He said Emro grabbed all the guns and marijuana from the residence and transported them to an abandoned mobile trailer on North Avenue F in an attempt to hide evidence before calling the police.

Police recovered the shotgun and said Emro told police he thought there were “blanks” in the firearm when he pointed it at the victim and pulled the trigger.

A similar reported accidental shooting case in which someone was shot and killed occurred in Burkburnett just four months prior to the shooting death on Glendale.

Matthew Tenney, 19, was indicted for manslaughter in March for the December 2021 shooting death of Quenten Liford.

Police said Tenney told them he was looking at a new firearm that a friend had purchased.

Tenney said he thought that the gun was unloaded, and he pretended that he drew it from a holster, pulled the trigger, and the weapon discharged, striking Liford in the chest.