WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Crash data revealed the woman in a 2019 fatal crash was going 110 miles per hour.

Testimony and evidence presented Wednesday, August 23, 2023, show a Lawton woman going 110 m.p.h. on Kell after leaving a Wichita Falls bar. The woman then swerved into the opposite lanes and slammed into another woman’s car, pushing it into a tree and killing the other driver instantly.

Justine Gallegos, 33, is charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of Pimporn Kasemthaveesak, 29, in 2019.

Gallegos had been slated for trial by jury in the 89th District Court, but before testimony began, elected to plea guilty and have the jury set her punishment. She had also been offered a plea deal before trial but rejected it.

She faces two to 20 years in prison but also has filed a motion for probation to be considered.

Today, a witness said she and her husband were at a bar that night and saw a bouncer escort Gallegos out with Gallegos dragging her feet. The witness said Gallegos slammed her car door and sped away.

Another witness at the scene of the crash on Kell near Taft said he saw an eastbound white Chrysler weaving and going very fast before crossing the median and slamming into a blue Mazda traveling in the opposite direction.

He said he saw a small explosion as the blue car flipped a few times and hit a tree. He went to check on the victim in the blue car and discovered she was deceased and her body was mangled and bloody. The witness said he is still having nightmares.

Another witness to the crash said the blue car burst into flames and hit a tree. The witness said the woman who caused the crash had slurred speech and was yelling “Get off me, leave me alone!” to people checking on her. The witness said another person came over and said the woman in the blue car did not make it.

Police said Gallegos had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and was slurring her speech. They said she refused to answer any of their questions on whether or not she had consumed alcohol. Crash data retrieved from her car showed she was going 110 mph before the crash.

Before she could be brought to trial in Wichita County, Gallegos had to serve a one-year sentence in Comanche County for driving under the influence. She also has another conviction for driving with an open container of alcohol.

The victim, known as “Ice” by family and friends, was born in Thailand and had adopted parents here. Friends say she worked two jobs while she worked on her Master’s Degree.

The state rested its case Wednesday afternoon.