WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — The father of five children has pleaded guilty and received a six-year prison sentence for using a BB gun and a taser on them as discipline.

Jacob Lopez made his plea deal in 78th District Court, about three months after the mother of the children, Ana Cruz-Trejo, pleaded guilty. Her deal was for 20 months.

The parents were charged with 10 counts of injury to a child with intentional bodily injury. Prosecutors said Cruz-Trejo’s charges came because she failed to report, protect or seek help for her kids, three girls and two boys aged 8 and under.

Police and Child Protective Services said a five-year-old had small, round wounds all over his body. An eight-year-old told police that all her siblings had been shot with BB’s numerous times and tased.

Police said Cruz-Trejo told them Lopez had purchased the BB gun for pest control, then began to use it for discipline.

Lopez’s case was put on hold last December when the judge ordered him to undergo a competency exam.