WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man police say invaded a man’s home and caused him to go into a seizure last year gets sentenced for two charges and has another dismissed today, March 30.

Devan Wade Holcomb, 25, was placed on 5 years probation for burglary of a habitation and 60 days jail for an assault of an inmate. A charge of making terroristic threats at the Wichita Falls DPS driver’s license office was dismissed.

In the burglary charge, police said they were called for help last March in the 1500 block of Giddings and found Holcomb holding an unconscious man on the ground. Police said the victim began to come to and an officer started to ask him what happened, but said Holcomb began yelling “tell him I am helping you” over and over every time he tried to speak.

The officer said each time he said it, Holcomb would glare at the victim and tighten his grip on him. Officers then separated the men and questioned the victim, who told them that Holcomb was upset about money owed him and had come to collect.

He said Holcomb kicked in the door and threatened him. The victim said he then had a seizure and collapsed. Police said Holcomb claimed he had come to the home with a friend and found the victim having a seizure. But a witness said Holcomb was alone and corroborated the victim’s account. He said he had come to the house alone after hearing a loud bang and a man yelling.

While in jail in August 2022, Holcomb was charged with assaulting another inmate, coming up behind him and taking 15–20 swings.

The year before, Holcomb was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat against the Wichita Falls DPS, by threatening to burn down the office because they denied he had an appointment for his driver’s license renewal.

Staff told him he did not have an appointment and said this made Holcomb angry, and he began shouting at employees, using foul language in the crowded lobby, and ripped documents into pieces, tossing the pieces in the air.

They said he then went outside the building and was heard by numerous bystanders making threats against DPS driver’s license employees. One witness said Holcomb said he would come back and burn the place down.

That charge was dismissed in his plea deal.