IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — An Iowa Park man is facing a felony charge of child abuse after authorities say he went too far in punishment of his stepson, on whom he was not allowed to use corporal punishment of any kind under a divorce decree.

Dusty Goehring was jailed on Thursday, May 12, for injury to a child.

The report was filed April 11, when the boy’s father, who is divorced from the mother, told police Goehring had been spanking his son with a belt, leaving bruises on his buttocks and thighs and that he had also struck his testicles.

He told officers the divorce papers allow only the biological parents to use corporal punishment.

A CPS investigator said she saw bruises on the boy’s thighs and reviewed the doctor’s report after the father took his son to a clinic after he complained of testicular pain.

The boy said the bruises and pain came after Goehring hit him with a belt for not doing his homework and made him turn around and hit him in the front of his legs and his groin.

The doctor notes described complaints of testicular pain and 8-inch by 2-inch bruising on the right upper thigh with a rounded area on top that appeared consistent with a belt buckle.