WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Anthony Kienlen, who was released from jail November 10 on $1.6 million bonds, has withdrawn his lawsuit asking for $175,000 damages and legal costs from two law enforcement officers and a judge.

Kienlen, who is awaiting trial for charges of attempted capital murder of officers and first responders, alleged in the suit filed in October Sheriff David Duke, Texas Ranger Matt Kelly and Justice of the Peace James Hughes violated his civil rights by falsifying and fabricating two additional charges against him so that he could not bond out.

He alleged the claims the sheriff and Texas Ranger were in the line of fire at a standoff last year were falsified to keep him from bonding out.

The complaint further claimed Duke and Kelly falsified arrest affidavits and defamed his character, and Hughes was guilty of “willingful blindness,” discrimination and denial of his Constitutional rights.

The district attorney filed a motion to dismiss the suit against Hughes and Duke on grounds the suit was frivolous and malicious and that Hughes, as a judge acting in his official capacity, was immune from lawsuits.

In his notice asking the suit be dropped which was granted by Court at Law 2 Judge Greg King, Kienlen requested his claims against all defendants be dismissed with prejudice, meaning it is dismissed permanently and the plaintiff cannot bring it again

Kienlen had alleged the two additional charges of attempted capital murder were filed on the same day he was raising money to post his bonds on the 14 original charges.

He remained in jail until Thursday, November 10, when he posted the full amount.

Kienlen was jailed Oct. 13, 2021, after a standoff with numerous shots being fired from his house on Turkey Ranch Road.

A court conference is set for Friday, January 13, to announce if there will be a plea entered or if the case will remain on the trial docket.