WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Fort Worth man is charged with making a false report to induce an unnecessary emergency response in an incident last January.

Andy Singh was booked into the Wichita County jail Monday, August 15, and released on bond Tuesday.

Andy Singh Wichita County Jail mugshot

Police said Singh called 911 and reported a burglary in progress with armed subjects in a building in the 2600 block of Old Iowa Park Road, and said they responded accordingly.

However, when they arrived, they determined it was not a burglary and there were no armed individuals. Instead they said it was a civil issue involving a tenant Singh wanted evicted from the property, and that tenant was a lawful renter.

A review of the 911 call showed Singh reported two people had just broken into the building and that they had guns, which caused a high priority response by police.

Police said Singh’s reckless behavior put officers and the public at risk.