Burkburnett (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man has been charged in connection to an alleged drunk driving accident in Burkburnett that injured three children and a woman.

David Winney, 56, is charged with intoxicated assault with a vehicle with serious bodily injury for a two-car crash that occurred in Burkburnett on January 16, 2023.

Police said they responded to the intersection of College Street and Oklahoma Cutoff and found Winney sitting in the driver’s seat of a van and bleeding from his forehead.

He told them he was OK and tried to get out but was told not to move.

The officer said he could detect the odor of alcohol on Winney.

Three children ages 11, 10 and 8 and the woman were passengers in a Jeep and were being treated by medical personnel. The 11-year-old had injuries to her forehead and knee and said the injured woman was her mother. The 8-year-old had a deep laceration to her forehead that required stitches. The 10-year-old had minor bruises.

Medical personnel told police the woman suffered a compound fracture of the left leg and the bone was exposed through a cut below the knee.

She told officers the van suddenly swerved into their lane.

A police sergeant asked Winney if had been drinking and said he said yes, that he “had had a couple.”

They asked for consent for a blood draw and said he refused.

An officer said when they asked Winney where he had been going he said he was on his way to Burkburnett, and when told he was already in Burkburnett they say he did not believe them.

The woman’s boyfriend, who was driving the Jeep, began showing signs of a panic attack and was taken to the hospital with the four passengers and Winney.

Police obtained a warrant for blood and say it came back showing he was almost three times the legal limit for alcohol level.

After treatment at the hospital, Winery and the woman were flown to a Fort Worth hospital. Winery was found to have suffered fractures to his pelvis and a dislocated hip.

Jail records show Winney has 33 arrests in Wichita County and a previous conviction for DWI.