WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man wanted since March for failing to show at a hearing to revoke or raise his bonds for aggravated assault and animal cruelty is back in jail.

Christopher Fisher was arrested Tuesday, July 12, by an officer with the Wichita County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force who, along with other officers, has been looking for him.

Fisher was released on bonds in January, and the district attorney alleged the next month he had violated several restrictions, including not reporting to the probation office and violating house arrest.

A warrant for his arrest was issued when he failed to appear at his bond revocation hearing on March 10.

The charges he faces include shooting at his ex-girlfriend and then shooting her pitbull dog when it came to her aid.

Affidavits in that case allege he was at her house in April 2021 and got mad at her for texting someone and told her not to backtalk him because he was the “man of the house.”

She told him he wasn’t because it was her house, and she was paying the bills and then told him to leave. She said he then pulled out a pistol and said he was going to pistol whip her, pushed her against a wall, then fired a shot near her foot and held her down.

That’s when her pit bull rushed to her aid and bit Fisher on the arm.

Police said Fisher then shot the dog, who crawled back to his kennel and died.

When she broke a window to scream for help, she said Fisher let her go, and she ran out and waved down a passing police officer. Police were unable to locate Fisher at that time.

Two months later, Fisher was arrested after a foot chase when police found him with a truck believed to be stolen from a Patterson’s dealership and found numerous other vehicles on the lot had been opened with keys taken from a burglarized building.