WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The trial for a man accused in a shooting death on Karla Street may begin around the 10th anniversary of Rocky Buckley’s death.

However, before Clinton Thompson goes on trial for murder, prosecutors may first try him on a separate road rage aggravated assault charge filed in 2017.

Both charges are on the docket for jury trial Monday, May 23.

But those trials are in the same court in which another trial has been underway beginning the week of May 16 for a sexual indecency case. However, a court official said a visiting judge appears to have been called in for Thompson’s cases.

Thompson was not charged for Buckley’s death until new District Attorney John Gillespie took office. Thompson was indicted for manslaughter in April 2019, then several months later, the D.A. got an indictment for murder.

Rocky Buckley

The fatal shooting of the 32-year-old father happened at Thompson’s home on Karla Street in July 2012, as Buckley’s daughter watched from their car.

The victim’s family said he’d gone to Thompson’s house to pick up a cooler after they’d gone hog hunting a few nights before, and Thompson shot him twice in the driveway.

Thompson claimed he feared for his safety, and a grand jury chose not to indict him at that time.

Family and friends of Buckley pointed to a pattern of aggressive and violent behavior by Thompson as they have called through the years for him to be held accountable.

In August of 2017, he was charged with aggravated assault with a handgun.

Police said Thompson became upset because the driver of another truck was allegedly tailgating him. The other driver said Thompson slowed down until the other driver was beside him and began “flipping him off” and using profanity as they were driving north on FM 1954.

He said when they got to the intersection of Sisk Road and Southwest Parkway, he let Thompson get back in front of him.

Then he said Thompson slammed on his brakes, forcing him to stop. He said Thompson got out of his truck, came up to his door and pointed a handgun at him.

He drove off and called 911 while following Thompson’s vehicle down Southwest Parkway, and police stopped both vehicles.

Officers found a handgun in Thompson’s car with a round in the chamber and 11 more rounds in the magazine.

They said they also found another loaded and chambered handgun, a .22 rifle and an AR15 rifle in Thompson’s vehicle.

Court documents also state the victim had a handgun in his vehicle, and a witness stated that the victim told her later he had reached for his gun when Thompson pointed his gun at him.

The prosecution has filed notice it intends to introduce evidence of Thompson’s past alleged bad actions and offenses.

They include an alleged incident in Clay County in January 2021, in which Thompson threatened to assault, fight, shoot or kill a man, and pointed a gun at him.

Also, in November 2012, he allegedly drove next to a woman’s car in Wichita County and made a shooting gesture with his hand.

Also filed in the case file are witness statements obtained by the district attorney’s office in preparation for murder trial.

One witness stated Thompson seemed very calm after shooting Buckley, and another said she heard Thompson and Buckley arguing right before the shooting. A third witness stated she saw Thompson circling around Buckley’s body with a dog on a leash after the shooting.

Thompson has a conviction in 2007 for unlawfully carrying a weapon and an arrest for family violence assault, for which he was not convicted.

Thompson is free on his $100,000 and $15,000 bonds.