WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man whose 2020 charge of assaulting his then girlfriend was dismissed when the victim refused to cooperate has been rearrested and charged with assault of a pregnant person. A Wichita County grand jury decided to indict Jonas Wade Walls, 33, on the new charge.

The original charge of family violence assault was dropped by the district attorney’s office in August 2020 due to the victim refusing to cooperate and having no visible injuries. The indictment was filed March 15 and Walls was arrested Tuesday, March 21. The arrest affidavit for the May 6, 2020, charge states police responded to the 2800 block of McGaha about a woman who said she could not breathe.

The woman told police she and her boyfriend of 9 months, Walls, were arguing after she confronted him about finding a text on his phone from another woman, and she believed he was cheating on her.

She said during the argument, Walls punched her in the chin, and she pushed him, and he pushed her back, and they began scuffling and fell to the ground. She said she was attempting to hold Walls down, and he punched her in the stomach. Police said the victim was 22 weeks pregnant, but the charge then was not filed as assault of a pregnant person, a Third Degree felony, but family violence assault, a Class A misdemeanor.

Since the dismissal of that charge in 2020, Walls has been arrested 4 times: for public intoxication, assault family violence on Christmas Day last year, criminal trespass of the apartment he was barred from on Christmas Day and the new charge of assault of a pregnant person.

In the alleged Christmas Day assault, officers responded to a call at an apartment in the 5300 block of Professional Drive when a woman’s 11-year-old son called and stated his mother was being “beating her very badly” by her boyfriend, Walls.

Police also received another call from a neighbor that a woman was screaming for help. The caller said it sounded like the woman was being thrown around and killed. Police said the son was in his bedroom with the door locked and was crying and very scared.

Officers said they found the victim with blood coming from her lips and nose. She told police that Walls had been staying at her apartment for about three months. She said Walls had punched her about 5 times in the face and threw her around the bathroom.

Police said they found two towels covered with blood and blood on the floor and walls, and that Walls had tried to clean the walls with towels. The victim told police Walls became enraged because he thought her kids were disrespectful.

Police said Walls told them he got mad when the woman’s son came out of his room asking them not to argue because he had a friend over. They said Walls said, “who does he think he is?” and called the boy by an expletive.

Police said Walls said he and his girlfriend were arguing because she took her son’s side and told him it was Christmas.

Jail records show Walls was released today, March 22 on $10,000 bond on the new charge.