WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who assaulted his wife and dragged her back and beat her with a pistol when she ran away got a probated sentence after pleading guilty Thursday.

Michael Lassiter pleaded guilty June 9 and was sentenced to 5 years deferred probation by Judge Jim Hogan, presiding in 89th District Court for Charles Barnard.

On Nov. 25, 2021, officers were called to a home on Hooper Drive by the victim’s mother, who said she could not locate her daughter. She said she went to her home and found one vehicle in the driveway had been wrecked and her daughters’s hair weave lying in the driveway.

When she went inside the home, she found it in disarray, with broken items, vandalism and vulgar language written on bedroom mirrors.

As officers were investigating, they said the missing woman staggered back to the home with a knot on top of her head, a swollen face and an injured ankle and bruised chest.

She told them she and her husband had been arguing the night before about the amount of time she was spending with her family. She said Lassiter left and came back about three hours later, drunk, and the argument resumed.

The victim said her son was asleep, so she went outside to avoid waking him, and her husband followed her. She said he grabbed her and began hitting her in the face, and she got away and ran down the street.

She said Lassiter caught up with her and dragged her back to their driveway, pinned her against the garage door and began choking her.

She said she fell down and got up and tried to run away again, but Lassiter chased after her and began hitting her with a pistol as she ran.

The victim then fell down and said he pressed the gun barrel to the side of her head and said he was going to kill her.

She again got up and ran around her vehicle several times with Lassiter chasing her, then was able to get in the vehicle and drive away.

She said her husband got in his own vehicle and began to follow her, but she was able to get away by driving to Burkburnett. She said she stayed in a hotel and did not return home until she knew other family or police were there.

As police were finishing their questioning, they said Lassiter arrived home and told officers there had been a domestic disturbance.

Police immediately put him in custody because of the danger of more assaults and the threat he made to kill the victim.