WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who faces trial for murder for a 2012 Wichita Falls shooting death has another case unresolved after a mistrial because of a hung jury.

After almost a week in court, the jury for Clinton Thompson’s road rage-related case could not agree on a verdict.

A source tells us the jury was deadlocked 7-5 and the 5 who were unwilling to convict were adamant in not changing and did not think the evidence and testimony was clear enough for guilt.

After the jury informed special visiting judge James Wilson of the deadlock, Wilson advised them it was their duty to do their best to agree on a verdict, to avoid having to possibly begin all over again with a new jury, if they could do so without violating their convictions.

However, the five dissenters apparently were not 100% convinced of Thompson’s guilt.

We have reached out to the district attorney’s office for comment on whether they intend to retry this case, especially in light of the pending murder trial, but we have not heard back.

Thompson is accused of pulling a gun and threatening the driver of a truck Thompson said was following and tailgating him in 2017.

Prosecutors said the victim in the case was just going his normal route to work. He said Thompson eventually got in front and slammed on his brake, then got out and came up to his truck and pointed a gun at him.

The other driver eventually called police and followed Thompson until they arrived and arrested him.

The defense pointed out evidence shows the victim also reached for a gun he had in his truck during the incident.

Thompson also stands accused of shooting Rocky Buckley to death in front of Buckley’s daughter on Karla Street when Buckley was returning a cooler and an argument ensued.

Thompson said he feared for his safety and shot Buckley, and no charges were filed until 7 years later after John Gillespie was elected D.A.