WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A 35-year-old Wichita Falls woman has entered a confession to a charge of scalding her infant in 2017 as part of her plea bargain.

Jessica Brashear agreed to a plea deal for the second degree felony of reckless injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

Her sentencing is being split, which usually means she may serve some time then be released on supervision. If defendants violate any conditions, they may then have to serve a longer period.

Attorneys on both sides asked for the second half of the sentencing procedure to be set for next month.

The sentencing range for this charge is 2-20 years prison.

In June of 2017, police were called to the emergency room about an infant that was brought in by ambulance.

The baby girl was flown to the Parkland Burn Unit in Dallas for treatment of 2nd-degree burns to 17% of her body.

Doctors said she suffered suspicious burns, blisters and peeled skin to the backs of her legs, buttocks, feet and ankles.

Police said Brashear told them the baby had soiled her diaper, so she took her to the bathroom and turned on the hot and cold faucets and filled the baby tub and put the baby in it without ever checking the temperature.

She said after a few seconds the baby began making noises, and she realized the water was too hot and took her out.

Police said she told doctors the baby was in the water 1 to 2 minutes.

Officers said Brashear called the baby’s father at work and told him she was on her way to the emergency room and that it was an accident.

Police said both Brashear and the father told them the water in the bathroom had always been extremely hot and got instantly hot as soon as it was turned on.

Police said the thermostat on the water heater was set at the maximum 150 degree temperature.

Prosecutors had filed notice that they would introduce extraneous offenses and bad acts from Brashear’s past if the case went to trial.

The list they submitted dates back to 2005 and includes alleged offenses or failure to protect previous children. The motion list 5 previous children Brashear gave birth to from 2005 to 2014.

It alleges in 2005 she remained in a relationship with a man after he smeared feces on her infant’s face, and the baby was removed from her custody.

It states a baby born in 2007 was removed from her custody when she remained in a relationship with a man who was dealing meth. Prosecutors noted that during investigation of the scalding incident, Brashear did not know the whereabouts of that baby or if it was alive or dead.

They said parental rights to a third baby born in 2010 were also terminated when that baby began losing weight and its future health was in question. While in custody of the baby, they said Brashear was in a troubled relationship and was convicted for forgery.

In 2012 they said she lost custody of a fourth baby when she failed to show up in court.

They said she had joint custody of a fifth baby when the injury to a child charge was filed involving the 7-month-old girl.