WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The same parents who were arrested two years ago for endangering their 10-month-old boy by close exposure to drugs, guns and knives are back in jail on the same charges, this time involving a 3-year-old girl and a baby born in a bathtub a week before their arrests on drug charges.

Brian and Heather Langford are both, again, charged with child endangerment and manufacture and delivery of meth.

Their bonds are $145,000 and $115,000 respectively.

Child Protective Services asked police for help locating the couple after obtaining information they were manufacturing meth in the presence of their 3-year-old daughter and the newborn.

CPS said the baby was born in a bathtub Monday, August 1, in the 900 block of Airport Drive.

Investigators said they got information the baby had not received any medical care or exam since being born because of the parents’ fear they and the children would test positive for narcotics.

On Thursday, August 11, CPS, district attorney’s investigators and Department of Public Services located the couple and the children at the Wayfarer Motel on Central Freeway.

They said meth and a set of scales was found there, and both parents were charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

The children were removed immediately from the Langford’s custody and taken to the hospital for wellness checks.

When positive results of the drug tests on the 3-year-old returned, both Langfords were then charged with child endangerment on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

The previous arrests for the 10-month-old boy were in 2019. At that time, CPS began an investigation about alleged use and sale of illegal drugs by both parents.

Police then went to a motel on Seymour Highway on a drug complaint.

They said Brian Langford was hiding behind the door, and the room was filled with so much smoke it was hard to see.

They found drug paraphernalia on a table and also marijuana and meth.

They said Heather Langford told them her 10-month-old was asleep, and officers said an MSR-10 rifle and numerous fixed blade knives were close to the baby.

Blood tests later showed the infant was positive for meth.

Heather Langford pleaded guilty to manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance in December 2019 and was given 6 years probation. In 2020, she pleaded guilty to the first child endangerment charge and was given another probated sentence.

Brian Langford’s drug and child endangerment charges are still pending in the courts.