WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man with 8 theft, burglary and forgery cases pending is arrested Friday, May 5, and released Friday on bond, on charges of passing and trying to pass fake $100 bills.

WFPD Special Operations officers said saw Ty McCraw enter the Atwood’s store on Loop 11 on Thursday, May 4 and waited for him to come out, so they could serve a warrant for passing a fake $100 bill in Burkburnett on April 19.

When he came out, they took him into custody and said employees came out and said he had tried to pass a poorly made $100 bill inside.

Burkburnett police said the fake bill there was passed at the Burk Market and Café. They said the fake $100 was printed on a washed $1 bill. It was used to buy two $10 lottery tickets and a drink. Employees say the bill looked suspicious, so they used the counterfeit marker to check it, and the cashier said it was OK.

When arrested at Atwood’s, employees say McCraw tried to buy Wrangler jeans with a $100 bill, which looked very fake. In fact, they said it did not have a watermark and was printed upside down on the reverse and was over stamped on the bottom right corner. The clerk said when she went to get a manager, McCraw went out the front door, where officers were waiting with the warrant.

McCraw has six charges filed this year and two pending from 2021. They are for theft of a motorcycle, three for burglary of vehicles, one for burglary of a coin operated machine, another for theft and two for forgery.

He has had 20 cases filed in Wichita County, of which 9 are felonies. He has convictions for burglary, fraud and illegal hunting. Several other charges of hunting at night, hunting with artificial light, hunting from a roadway and taking wildlife without consent in 2021 were later dismissed.

He also had a charge of child endangerment last year dismissed.