WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A repeat burglar who has stolen everything from hair extensions to catalytic converters and broke into the safe of a man who was near death in the hospital was sentenced to prison.

Raymond North, who has 50 arrests since 2004 and in 2021 alone had 16 charges filed for burglary or theft, pleaded guilty to seven Wichita Falls burglaries and to a charge of using a stolen credit card.

His eight sentences range from a year in state jail to nine years in prison and will be served together.

He was charged last year with taking $8,000 worth of hair extensions from a shop in May after the owner saw some of them for sale on Facebook.

Other burglaries were in homes that had been sold or were for sale, and police said many of his arrests came after they recognized him on surveillance videos.

In 2020, police tactical unit officers put him under surveillance because he was suspected in so many burglaries, and they even put a tracking device on his car.

They said this enabled them to catch him in the act hauling a stolen trailer and other items from burglarized homes.