WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A reported member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang who set up attacks on a female jail inmate who was believed to be snitching on other Brotherhood members pleaded guilty to that case and others in exchange for having other charges dismissed.

The plea bargain for Dustin Buck Clem, who is also known as “Game Over”, was for eight years probation on each of his pleas: engaging in organized criminal activity, retaliation, robbery and a drug charge.

He also has charges pending in Archer County.

“Buck” Clem was arrested and jailed on a $250,000 bond for allegedly setting up the attacks on a female inmate who was believed to be “snitching” on several Aryan Brotherhood members.

Clem was arrested a year ago after assaults were carried out in the Wichita County Jail by women called “Featherwoods,” female associates of Aryan Brotherhood members.

The conspiracy came to light during an investigation into inmates bringing in contraband.

An officer found a letter written by an inmate to a Brotherhood member in which she states “the green light” had been given on a woman who had been snitching on four “brothers.”

Officials said a “green light” is a slang term used to give approval for killing or assaulting someone in jail or prison.

Later in the letter, the inmate said action had already been taken to take care of the order.

One inmate told the investigator the other inmate had already been assaulted several times while in custody, and the investigator found she had been transferred to the Archer County Jail, where he went to talk to her.

The investigator said both her eyes and her nose were swollen and she told him her injuries came from assaults by another female inmate who had been given instructions by “Game Over.”

The officer recognized the name as a nickname for known Aryan Brotherhood member Dustin Clem.

The victim said after receiving medical treatment, she had been moved to a new cell in the Wichita County Jail.

When asked why a “green light” had been put out on her, she said it was because of a rumor that she snitched on three Aryan Brotherhood members or associates.

The officer found a recording of a call made by the inmate to “Game” in which the female inmate was trying to find out who was to be assaulted and he gave her the nickname of the victim, and also tells her the “green light” came from “that dude way above me on the pole.”

“Game” told her it would be good if the targeted inmate lost her teeth and the female inmate told him “ok” and “Game” then asks her what she needed most from the jail commissary.

Another call was made later to “Game”, seeking to confirm the victim’s identity and the first inmate gets another female inmate on the phone who tells “Game” the matter is being taken care of and that the other inmate had to go change clothes and wash all the blood from the beating off her hands.

Another call was made later to “Game” to confirm the assault, and that the inmate who did it said she was mad because the victim would not fight back.

Video from the jail was also reviewed, and the investigator said it confirms the victim’s report, showing the assailant leaving the victim’s cell with blood all over her hands.

Video at the time of another assault also showed the female inmate taking an ice bucket into a cell, then coming out and replacing it.

The victim told the investigator she had been beaten with a bucket in one assault.

Video the next day shows two inmates going into the victim’s cell, and the victim said in this assault both of them punched her several times.

The investigator says one of the inmates admitted she was a “Featherwood” member and that another Aryan Brotherhood member refers to the other female inmate as a “Featherwood”.

Clem has had 14 arrests since 2009, including assault, evading arrest, and aggravated robbery.

In the 2019 robbery he pleaded to, the victim in Burkburnett was maced, hit with a bottle, and robbed at gunpoint by Clem and two women.

After his wallet and phone were taken, the victim said Clem pointed the gun at him and warned him not to call the police.

One of the female inmates named in the jail assault has 29 arrests including illegal firearms, assault, aggravated kidnapping and robbery, and seven for prostitution.

The other has 11 arrests including burglary, theft of a firearm, and numerous drug charges.