WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Another alleged forgery attempt at Double D Liquor on Seymour Highway resulted in three arrests after a clerk quickly spotted a hole in the suspects’ stories: the alleged paycheck one was trying to cash was from a restaurant that burned down before the check was issued.

Multiple deputies responded to the latest forgery in progress report from Double D Liquor just before noon Wednesday, January 4.

The assistant manager told them one suspect was at the counter, and two were in a pickup.

Amber McLeroy

Deputies detained the two outside and others went inside to talk to the third suspect.

The employee said the woman, identified as Amber Nicole McLeroy, 38, of Lewisville, was trying to cash a $1,000 Wells Fargo check from the account of Knic Knacs Restaurant of Henrietta made out to herself. On the “For” line of the check it was noted as for January wages.

A deputy asked McLeroy where she got the check, and said she said it was her pay for working at the restaurant.

The assistant manager pointed out that Knic Knacs has been closed because of a fire since the first week of December.

Jamie Whitten

At this point, the deputy said McLeroy then said it wasn’t her check, and that her friend outside, Jamie Whitten, 41, of Byers, had given it to her to cash, at which point the deputy pointed out to McLeroy that her own name was on the check.

Deputies questioned Whitten and the other person in the truck, Danny Mayfield, 40, of Henrietta, and said both appeared lethargic and under the influence of narcotics, which they both denied.

They said Whitten and Mayfield denied giving McLeroy a check and that they had no knowledge of any checks or what McLeroy was doing.

The deputy said Whitten then said she did know there were checks from a man in Henrietta, and the deputy asked how she knew that if she had no knowledge of any check being forged.

He said she began stuttering and looking away. McLeroy told deputies Mayfield and Whitten were lying and that Whitten gave her the check.

As deputies were placing all three under arrest, they said McLeroy told Whitten to stop bawling because it was all her idea.

A search of the truck turned up a crumpled check from Knic Knacs for $500 made to Jamie Whitten for “wages” that was in the back seat pocket where Whitten had been sitting, and when confronted with it, deputies said Whitten said “Sorry,” and McLeroy again yelled at her saying that is what she gets for trying such a scheme.

During the search of the truck and the suspects, deputies said they found a prescription bottle with 17 Hydromorphone pills in McLeroy’s purse.

Danny Mayfield

They said she told them the addictive opioids were her mother’s, who had died last September, and she was carrying them so none of her friends would get hold of them them and try to get high.

Deputies said they also found meth during a search of Mayfield.

Once at the jail, a further search of Whitten’s purse turned up 12 bank and I.D. cards with names other than Whitten, including many casino cards with different names, and an altered driver’s license printed on printer paper with thin laminate with the name Karley Whitten with a woman’s photo but listing sex as “M.”

Deputies said Whitten told them all 12 of the people just gave her the cards.