WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Charges are filed against a third inmate tied to retaliation by Aryan Brotherhood members against suspected “snitchers” in the Wichita County Jail.

Stephany Baxter, 30, was jailed on Tuesday on a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity related to retaliation.

She is also jailed with no bond on a bench warrant issued by 30th District Judge Jeff McKnight on August 11 for retaliation against a witness.

Authorities said last summer a known member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang set up attacks on a female inmate believed to be snitching on other Brotherhood members.

Dustin Buck Clem, also known as “Game Over” pleaded guilty in that case and others in June in exchange for having other charges dismissed.

Authorities said the assaults were carried out by women called “Featherwoods,” female associates of Aryan Brotherhood members.

The conspiracy came to light during an investigation into inmates bringing in contraband.

An officer reported he found a letter written by inmate Jenna Thornton to a Brotherhood member in which she states “the green light” had been given by Clem on a woman who had been snitching on four “brothers.”

Officials said a “green light” is a slang term used for an order to kill or assault someone in jail or prison.

Investigators learned the inmate had been assaulted several times while in custody, given X-rays and medical treatment and moved to a new cell, then transferred to the Archer County Jail.

When the investigator interviewed her there, he said both her eyes and her nose were swollen, and she told him her injuries came from assaults over the course of two days by Baxter, Thornton and a third inmate.

When asked why a “green light” had been put out on her, she said it was because of a rumor that she snitched on three Aryan Brotherhood members or associates.

The officer said he found a recording of a call made by Baxter to “Game” who told her the “green light” came from “that dude way above me on the pole.”

“Game” told her it would be good if the targeted inmate lost her teeth, and Baxter replied “Ok.”

Another call was made by Baxter later to “Game” to report the assault had been carried out, and Baxter said she was mad because the victim did not fight back.

Video from the jail was also reviewed, and the investigator said it confirms the victim’s report, showing Baxter leaving the victim’s cell with blood all over her hands.

The investigator said Baxter admitted she was a “Featherwood” member and that another Aryan Brotherhood member referred to Thornton as a “Featherwood”.