WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A third person tied to retaliation by Aryan Brotherhood members against suspected “snitchers” in the Wichita County Jail has been sentenced.

Jenna Thornton agreed to plead guilty for a 5-year sentence, suspended to 10 years probation. As part of her plea, she agreed to plead guilty to burglary of vehicles, theft, and fugitive failure to identify charges, for 90-180 day sentences.

Another female inmate, Stephany Baxter pleaded guilty last month and was given 7 years in prison.
Dustin Clem pleaded guilty in June in this and several other cases and was given 8 years probation.

Authorities said in the summer of 2021 a known member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang set up attacks a female inmate believed to be snitching on three Brotherhood members.

Investigators said the assaults were carried out by women called “Featherwoods”, female associates of Brotherhood members. The conspiracy came to light during an investigation into inmates bringing in contraband.

Authorities said Thornton spread the word that “the green light” had been given by Clem on a woman who had been snitching on “brothers.”

Officials said a “green light” is a slang term used for an order to kill or assault someone in jail or prison.

After being assaulted several times, the targeted inmate was given medical treatment and transferred to another county jail.

Investigators said in a call recorded between Baxter to Clem, Clem says the “green light” came from “that dude way above me on the pole.”

According to the affidavit, investigators said Clem told her it would be good if the targeted inmate lost her teeth, and Baxter replied “Ok.”

Another call was made by Baxter later to report the assault had been carried out, and she said she was mad because the victim did not fight back.

Video from the jail was also reviewed, and the investigator said it confirms the victim’s report, showing Baxter leaving the victim’s cell with blood all over her hands.

Another video at the time of another assault also showed a female inmate taking an ice bucket into a cell, then coming out. The victim told the investigator she had been beaten with a bucket in one assault.

Video the next day shows two inmates going into the victim’s cell, and the victim said in this assault both of them punched her several times.

The investigator said Baxter admitted she was a “Featherwood” member and that another Aryan Brotherhood member referred to Thornton as a “Featherwood”.

Thornton’s burglary of a vehicle plea was for theft of a credit card from a car at a Burkburnett daycare. Police said she tried to purchase items with it at a Walmart and it was declined, and she then tried to shoplift and was identified in surveillance video.

According to authorities, Thornton was later arrested when deputies said she tried to pass a forged check at Double D Liquor on Seymour Highway and presented another woman’s driver’s license.