WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman faces several charges after police said an argument with her girlfriend of 4 years leads to assaults in the home, then to a gas station where the victim fled, to a car the victim tried to escape in to an apartment of a friend of the victim.

Valarie Lary faces three charges: continuous family violence, burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

Police said it started Tuesday afternoon on Bandera Blvd. The victim said she had been arguing with her girlfriend Lary and Lary pushed her several times, so she left and hid inside a gas station bathroom stall.

She said Lary followed her and found her in the bathroom and crawled under the stall and got her out by pulling her hair and pushing her. She said Lary continued pushing and hitting her as she went through the store and when her friend arrived to pick her up, she got in the car, but
Lary came in the car after her and continued assaulting her.

She said her friend and a gas station clerk pulled Lary out of the car, and she went to her friend’s apartment. A short time later, police were called and told Lary was at that apartment trying to get to the victim again.

When police arrived, they said Lary was in the parking lot trying to get in a car. She was detained, and officers say surveillance video and the gas station clerk verified the victim’s account.

Police said they found several bags of meth in Lary’s pocket.

Lary was arrested in December for family violence assault at Sun Valley Apartments, where police said the victim was assaulted in the parking lot. The victim said she was at a friend’s apartment when Lary came and found her with their daughter in their car, spanked their daughter in the backseat then went to the front seat and assaulted her.

Lary has other prior arrests for aggravated assault family violence, aggravated assault, injury to a disabled person and disorderly conduct.