WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman police say inflicted 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her 2-year-old stepson in scalding water in the bathtub has failed to show for a court hearing for the second time since May.

89th District Judge Charles Barnard ordered a warrant be issued for Ashley Johnson, 31, when she failed to appear at the hearing Thursday, August 4.

He also reset her bond from $80,000 to $100,000 when she is arrested.

Johnson was booked into jail July 25 after failing to show for the May court appearance. She posted her bond the next day.

She is awaiting trial for injury to a child, filed in 2018.

Officials at Kell West Hospital notified police Jan. 10, 2018, about a badly burned 2-year-old in the emergency room.

Detectives and a Child Protective Services worker began an investigation and talked with the victim’s biological mother who had brought him to the ER.

She told them she had picked her son up at his father’s residence earlier that evening. She said she was told by Johnson the boy accidentally caused his burn to his left leg and foot.

Investigators said the burn appeared to be an immersion scalding burn starting a few inches above his ankle. The burn had a distinct line of demarcation and went all the way around his leg and foot.

The detective said that pattern occurs when a body part is forcibly held in hot water.

It also didn’t appear to be accidental because there was no irregularity to the pattern, such as a splash or drip marks, which would have happened if the child moved suddenly and caused hot water to hit other parts of his body.

The boy also had small bruises on his left thigh just above his knee, which appeared to the detective to be finger or thumb marks, as if someone was holding tightly to his leg.

The boy was transferred to Parkland Hospital’s pediatric burn unit for additional treatment.

Later, detectives spoke with Johnson at her residence where she lived with the boy’s father.

Johnson said she was giving the boy a shower because he had defecated himself and the boy’s father was at work. She said she turned off the water and left him in the bathtub and went to another room to get a towel.

While out of the bathroom, Johnson said she heard the water turn on and heard the boy start screaming.

She returned to the bathroom and said the boy had become caught between the bathtub and toilet and that he had turned the hot water on full blast.

She said the boy had one foot out of the tub, and his other foot was under the faucet with the water on.

Johnson told detectives she removed the boy from the tub and took him to another room to examine him. She said both his feet were red, but the left foot was worse.

She denied intentionally burning him.

Doctors at Parkland Hospital told detectives the boy had second and third degree burns on his lower left leg and foot. The boy had to undergo a skin graft surgery to repair the damage on Jan. 15.

As of this posting, Johnson has not been booked into jail.