WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Two weeks before trial is set to begin for Anthony Patterson for multiple counts of human trafficking and indecency with a child, defense attorneys are seeking a delay.

The motion for continuance of the May 8 trial filed Monday, April 24, states that the defense was surprised last Thursday afternoon with news from the state of allegations of additional crimes by Patterson that was being investigated and could be filed.

The defense stated a prosecutor had conducted interviews of the two alleged victims on April 13 and 18 and they made new allegations of crimes by Patterson in November and December 2017, which are the same days listed in the original indictment. They said they were also informed the state has a new outcry witness to these new alleged crimes, who is a D.A. investigator.

One of Patterson’s defense attorneys, Toby Shook, said he informed the state’s attorney on Friday, April 21, that this notice of extraneous acts disclosed the day before did not meet the requirements for timely disclosure. In addition, Shook said he was notified the state plans to interview one of the alleged victims and a codefendant in coming days which may produce new information that may be brought before the grand jury.

Besides requiring additional time to investigate, the defense also said they will need to obtain another expert witness for the trial.

The defense argues that in a hearing in October, the state was ordered to provide the defense with notice of any evidence of any other crimes allegedly committed by Patterson that might be introduced, and the state’s attorney assured the court she would promptly make all court-ordered disclosures.

The defense said the state is required to provide this to the defense no later than 30 days before the trial date, which would be April 8, 2023.

The state at this time has not filed a response to this motion for continuance.