WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Jury selection for trial of a former Wichita County deputy on multiple counts of sexual misconduct with inmates was to begin Monday, Sept. 19, 2022. However, a new arrest last Friday has delayed the trial of Brett Brasher.

Following his arrest on a charge of compelling prostitution of a female inmate, Brasher declared he was indigent and could not make bond and requested a court-appointed attorney.

Wichita County Jail booking

On Sunday, Brasher was released from jail after his $200,000 bond was posted with Brenda Green Bail Bonds as the bond company, according to records.

On Monday, the request for a court-appointed attorney was denied after a judge determined he is not indigent.

The new charge was added Friday to the 10 counts Brasher was already charged with, eight for official oppression and two for violating the civil rights of an inmate.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the latest charge came after a deputy, assistant D.A., and a D.A. investigator traveled to a prison in Gatesville to interview a former county inmate who is serving a three-year sentence for drug possession. The lead investigator with the sheriff’s office said he learned during the initial investigation that began in Oct. 2021 of conversations Brasher had with another female inmate regarding getting her bail posted so she could get out.

The information from the other inmates was that Brasher had told the inmate he would get her bond arranged if she would agree to a “tag team” with him and a local bondsman. The investigator says “tag team” refers to two or more people having sex with another person in one session, with or without that person’s consent.

When the investigators interviewed the inmate in prison, they say she became upset and nervous when Brasher and the bondsman’s name were brought up. She said she had had numerous intimate conversations with Brasher through the “pipe chase” in jail. The pipe chase refers to the space behind a wall that encloses pipes.

She also said she did not want to get involved in the investigation because she would become eligible for parole in Dec. 2022, and the bondsman had agreed as part of the deal to let her be admitted to his sober living facility when she was paroled.

As the interview continued, the investigator says the inmate told them she was embarrassed to admit it, but at the end of Oct. 2021, she did agree to have sex with the two because she wanted out of jail but could not afford bail.

When asked if Brasher followed through with getting her bail posted, she said he didn’t because he did not return to jail at the end of Oct. 2021. Brasher was suspended on Oct. 31, 2021, when the investigator said he had confirmed inmate’s claims through video and other corroboration.

Brasher was reindicted Sept. 6 on his original 10 counts, and his defense filed for a continuance of his trial on grounds the new indictments had language added that materially changed the indictments by adding a new element to counts three-10.

Arraignment on his new indictments is scheduled on Friday.