WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Michael Gowan, a convicted Wichita Falls serial rapist from the early 1990s, will be up for parole on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

After serving three concurrent life sentences, Gowan faces the possibility of parole, and a group who remembers the horrors is actively attempting to keep him behind bars to ensure Wichita Falls remains safe.

The Wichita Falls Community Alliance has been writing letters to Wichita County officials to protest his parole.

Throughout 1992 and 1993, Gowan preyed on his potential victims outside of Rider High School and other parts of town before he would attack. According to court records, at least two victims were pulled out of their homes’ windows by the hair before he severely sexually assaulted them.

“When I got to her house, she told me that the night before, a man had broken into her house, and he had kidnapped her from her home and he had taken her to another location,” said a source that wishes to remain anonymous. “He severely beat her and he committed aggravated sexual assault against her.”

At least 12 other female victims share in this brutal story — one night changed who they were at a very young age.

Charged with multiple counts of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault, Gowan served 28 years in the Wichita County Jail for his crimes.

Several community members are banding together in hopes of ensuring he stays behind bars to serve out a longer sentence.

“So if you take 28 years and look at that, versus the 14 separate accounts that he was charged on — that’s about two years per victim,” said Anonymous. “This was an extremely violent and brutal and vicious man. “

The members of the group invite others to recall the horrific time for their daughters, wives and sisters during the early ’90s.

“The pain and the trauma that he inflicted upon not just the victims, but the community itself, those effects still last to today,” said Anonymous. “There are facts and there are things that you learn in the courtroom and stories that are recounted, but those don’t actually reflect the day-to-day life of an individual, of a young girl, that’s dealing with the trauma and the PTSD of nearly losing her life over the actions of one man.”

One concerned community member, who remembers the events vividly, believes there is no place for a man like this in the area of Wichita Falls— or anywhere else.

They believe if Gowan were to be paroled, he would return to family members who may still live in the community.

“There’s no place for a man like this on the streets,” said Anonymous. “He has yet to admit to what he has done and he has yet to apologize to these victims or to have any type of self-reflection. He’s a narcissist and he’s a danger to every single woman and child on the street, not just in our community, but any place that he steps foot in.”

The group said they believe Gowan needs to remain behind bars longer to ensure further safety for the whole community.

To learn how to support the protest of his parole, email wfcommunityalliance@gmail.com