WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — An Electra woman who had a warrant after she failed to show up in court last month was found and arrested, and police said she, once again, tried to avoid arrest by giving a false name.

Besides a drug charge and the failure to ID, Madison Amos, 21, is being held with no bond for parole violation. It’s the third time Amos has been arrested for a parole violation in less than a year and also her third charge of false ID by a fugitive in the last two years.

A new warrant was issued when Amos did not show up in 89th District Court Thursday, May 25, for a hearing on a drug charge from last August. Her personal bond was also canceled.

Two WFPD officers working special operations Wednesday afternoon, June 7, stopped an SUV in the 1000 block of Hirschi.

A female passenger was asked to identify herself and said she was “Misty Smith” with a birthday of Jan. 14, 1981. The officer said he knew she was not 41 years old and confirmed it with a records check.

He told her he knew she was lying and asked her real name and this time she tried “Kori Amos” and a different date of birth. The officer identified her as Madison Amos with a birth date in 2002 through the photo attached to the county and state parole violation warrants.

Last December, an Electra police officer said he saw a woman on the porch of a known drug house and asked her what she was doing, and she said she was visiting a friend.

When asked for her name, the officer said she told him she was “Ashley Jinkins.”

When no return of that name was found in the records, she was identified as Madison Amos with an outstanding parole violation warrant for possession of fraudulent ID information.

Also last year, she was arrested in August in Wichita Falls after a traffic stop on Holliday. After she was identified, the deputy found 3 city warrants and a parole violation warrant.

A female deputy was called for a search and said Amos had a clear baggie in her groin area that tested positive as meth and fentanyl. Also found in the car were scales, multiple plastic baggies and syringes and two bottles of pills that tested as narcotics.

In 2021, she was also detained while walking on Holliday and gave her name as “Kori Amos.” The officer said she struggled to come up with her date of birth and could not give her social security number.

The officer told her she was lying and said she finally identified herself as Madison Amos and said Kori Amos was her cousin. The officer found a warrant for theft and arrested her for failure to ID as a fugitive.

Amos’ arrests in the last four years include theft, failure to ID, parole violation, and four drug-related charges.