WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A stolen pair of exotic skin boots and a distinctive white hat help lead Wichita Falls police to arrest a suspect in a car wash break-in recorded on camera on March 2.

According to an affidavit, police said the suspect, Ty McCraw of Burkburnett, is seen in multiple videos from other cases wearing the same $600 Cody James Boots stolen from The Boot Barn in February.

Jail records show McCraw was booked into jail for theft and burglary on Tuesday, March 21 and released on bail.

Here is a timeline of the cases and police investigations that led to his charges:

  • Jan. 21: Security video from a motorcycle theft shows a man in a black hoodie with “Noble Outfitters on one sleeve and a mask.
  • Feb. 24: Police say McCraw is recorded on surveillance camera stealing the boots at The Boot Barn. Employees say he took a pair of boots, cut off the security tags with a knife and put them on and left, leaving his old boots behind.
  • March 1: McCraw is arrested for theft of a 2022 Kawasaki motorcycle and police say in-car video and jail video shows he is wearing the same distinctive brown boots, a mask and a black hoodie with “Noble Outfitters” on one sleeve.
  • March 2: in the daytime: McCraw is released from jail.
  • March 2: between 9:41 pm and 10:10 pm: Two men are recorded using a grinder to cut a padlock on a door, a cover on a coin vault of a vacuum and a coin vault of a car wash bay at Sheppard Car Wash on Burkburnett Road. The owner tells police three other car washes were also broken into that night. One of the suspects is wearing distinctive brown boots and the same black “Noble Outfitters” hoodie, a mask and a distinctive white hat.
  • March 3: Police are notified of the car wash break-in and an officer sends out still images from the video. Several officers identify the subject wearing the boots and white hat as McCraw.
  • March 6: McCraw is stopped on a motorcycle and the police in-car video shows he is wearing the same distinctive white hat and brown boots seen in other video.
  • March 21: McCraw is charged with theft of the boots and car wash burglary.

Police said the motorcycle was taken from a front porch on Taylor video shows two men put in the back of a truck and left. The owner posted the video on social media and was notified one suspect was McCraw.

The victim said McCraw’s father contacted her brother and said the motorcycle would be returned so McCraw would not be in trouble with the police. She said McCraw told her brother he would pay for damages caused when the motorcycle was dropped several times and the ignition was drilled out. She said she never got any money when it was returned.

Police said they saw a Facebook conversation with McCraw in which he did not admit stealing the motorcycle but sent the owner $120 to pay for damage but said she declined it.

Police said they found a truck registered to McCraw at his house that matches the one seen in the surveillance video.

McCraw has pending charges for passing counterfeit $50 and $100 bills in Wichita Falls stores which police say looked authentic on the front but poorly made on the back. He also was convicted of one charge connected to night hunting deer off the roadway with lights near Burkburnett and had several other hunting at night charges dismissed.