WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A FedEx courier is charged with stealing firearms from packages in the Wichita Falls FedEx Warehouse on Southridge Drive.

Anton Jamal Hernandez, 32, is charged with 4 counts of theft of firearms valued at $3,300 in February and March of 2023.

Police viewed surveillance video from the warehouse and said the first thefts occurred Wednesday, February 22, at the skate wheel conveyor where vans are loaded.

According to the affidavits filed by police:
The video shows a box addressed to a Vernon gun shop being scanned and pushed down the conveyor toward Hernandez.

Hernandez is sorting packages and picks up the box and slides it down the conveyor to his van, then takes it into his van and is out of view a short time.

He then returns to the conveyor without the box and sorts more packages for a while before again going into his van and coming back into view with the box before placing it on a shelf at the rear of the van.

Police said he starts looking around for a time when other employees are not paying close attention, and he grabs the box from the van and puts it back onto the conveyer and pushes it down the conveyer away from his van.

The box was delivered to the customer, and it was discovered two handguns were missing from the box. Police believe he took the box inside the van, opened the box and took out the gun before resealing the box and returning it.

Police have charged him with stealing at least 4 handguns, two on February 22 and two on Monday, March 20.

As of Friday, March 31, police said none of the stolen guns have been recovered.