WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A search for a suspect of a nightclub shooting also turns up a murder suspect who was wanted for violating his bond.

Alton Mackey

On Monday, Sept. 19, 2022, Wichita Falls were looking for Alton Mackey, 27, after he failed to show in court back in February, and had information he was at a residence on Grayfox Place. Officers staked out in the backyard say a window opened and they say Mackey fell out and jumped a fence and ran.

Police say they caught him within 550 feet when he ran from between two houses, and when they did, they say they also found another wanted man, Julian Byrd, with him.

Byrd was wanted for a violation of his $225,000 bond for the murder of Edward Collins. His new bond is now $500,000.

Collins was shot to death in November 2020 in what police say was a drug buy gone bad at Highpoint Village Apartments.

Conditions of Byrd’s bond included wearing an ankle monitor and being on a curfew. Byrd also got a charge of assault after his arrest for murder when corrections officers say he assaulted another inmate.

Julian Byrd

The warrant for Mackey that led to Byrd’s new arrest was for a no-show last February for a court hearing on his deadly conduct charge. That charge was for shots fired at the Studio E club which wounded at least one man in August 2020. Police say around 300 people were in the club when fights began and shots were fired.

Witnesses identified Mackey as one of the gunmen.

A year later, Mackey became a victim of another shooting at the same location.

He was also arrested for deadly conduct in 2017 when police say shots were being fired between a house and two cars on Bluff.