IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — An Iowa Park woman, who has been in a revolving door between jail, courtrooms, and a rehab facility the past four years on animal cruelty charges and violations of bond and probation requirements, is now going to state jail for 23 months after another violation of probation.

Since being arrested in 2019 when deputies and animal control officers raided her home on FM 368 outside Iowa Park, finding numerous neglected animals, Joy Jackson, 64, has been in and out of jail with additional cruelty charges being filed and for violations of her bonds or probation.

One arrest came just four months after being placed on five years probation in June 2021 for failing to use an ignition lock to prevent driving drunk and for being in possession of animals and cages.

In July, she was back in jail for violating her requirement on probation to attend an alcohol rehabilitation program. Officials said while in the residence program, she tried to establish inappropriate relationships with staff, stole food and created chaos in her dorm room.

Friday, October 13, 2023, 78th District Judge Meredith Kennedy granted the motion to revoke her probation. The sentence also notes Jackson is behind $10,000 on past fines.

While out on bonds or probation, authorities filed a litany of additional charges, including being in possession of more dogs or cages, DWI, and terroristic threats.

In August 2020, Jackson got a new charge of cruelty to animals, in which Iowa Park police said they found a small dog inside a backpack in her truck that was suffering in the heat.

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