UPDATE: The jury returned a sentence of 5 years in prison for Andrew Riggs after finding him guilty of sexual indecency with a child.  Riggs also received a $2,350 fine.  The penalty range for the second degree felony is two to twenty years and a $10,000 fine.

Riggs had been free on $25,000 bond before his conviction, but is now in Wichita County jail awaiting transfer to prison.  

WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A 46-year-old Wichita Falls man is awaiting his punishment after a jury finds him guilty of sexual indecency with an eight-year-old girl beginning almost 10 years ago.

The jury found Andrew Riggs guilty after about two hours of deliberation Monday morning, May 23.

Testimony began last week, including that from the victim.

Wichita County Jail booking

She came out with her accusations in 2015 and said she was molested by Riggs, then her mother’s boyfriend, beginning when she was about eight and it continued until she was 10. She said the abuse continued the entire time her mother was in a relationship with Riggs.

She said one of the times she remembered was in the early morning hours in Riggs’ home when she was awakened and found Riggs on top of her and he had his hands on her. She said when she would move his hand away, he moved it to another part of her body.

She said her mother walked in and Riggs stopped.

Police say the mother reported the incident when she caught him in bed with her daughter with both of them under the sheets wearing underwear. She said when she questioned him, he told her he did it then and other times so the girl would act better.

Following the guilty verdict, the prosecutor moved to have Riggs’ $25,000 bond revoked and have him jailed awaiting the punishment. The defense attorney argued against it, saying Riggs has not violated bond or committed any crimes since being free on bond.

The judge granted the motion to withdraw his bond due to the nature of the offense.

Punishment for this 2nd-degree felony ranges from two to 20 years.

Court records show an indictment was filed by the grand jury on May 6, 2022, alleging indecency with a child by Riggs in May of 2013.

This conviction is from an incident that happened in January 2013.