WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man with previous arrests for aggravated assaults, criminal mischief and violating a protective order faces 2 more aggravated assault charges and one resisting transport charge after an incident that began outside a convenience store Wednesday night, April 19.

27-year-old Timothy Rojas was arrested near Kemp and Call Field around 9:45 last night after police were notified about a Dodge Charger following another car and possibly pointing a gun or shooting at it.

In route, officers were told the victims had pulled into Target to wait for them, and the Charger had followed them.

As officers arrived, they said they saw the Charger leaving Target, headed north on Kemp. They made a stop and detained Rojas and said they found a loaded automatic handgun in the cargo pouch of the passenger seat.

One of the victims told officers it started at a convenience store on Rhea Road. He said he was in their car and saw Rojas coming out of the store yelling at his cousin, then Rojas began cursing and yelling at him too. He said Rojas got into his car, reached around the seat and pulled out a handgun and pointed it at him.

His cousin got back into the car, and he said they left north on Rhea Road and Rojas followed them, then sped up and began ramming the back of their car. That’s when they say they drove to Target to meet police, and Rojas followed them in before leaving as police arrived.

Police said as Rojas was being driven to jail he began kicking a rear window and caused $200 of damage and got an additional charge of resisting transport. Rojas has other pending charges of burglary and assault.

Last year, just 5 days after being sentenced to probation for a vandalism rampage, he was back in jail for a family violence charge.