WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man listed as weighing 350 pounds is arrested for the second time this year for throwing items at nurses and fighting with security and police officers in the hospital.

On Monday afternoon, May 22, police were called to United Regional Hospital for the second time since February on a reported disturbance involving Derrick Jones, who had outstanding warrants on the February charges. Security officers told police Jones began throwing things at nurses and tossing trash in the hallway.

A security officer said when he responded Jones threw his cell phone and struck the officer in the leg near the knee.

A police officer tried to take Jones into custody and said Jones told him he wasn’t going with him. The officer said Jones pulled his arm free and swung at him.

Several police and hospital security officers struggled with Jones until they got him cuffed, then they said Jones resisted being placed in the police car and had to be pushed into the car.

In February police said Jones was at the hospital breaking things in his room and was told that since he was refusing treatment he would have to leave because he had been barred from the hospital in January. Police said he refused to leave and became aggressive again and resisted as they put him in a wheelchair and took him to jail, where jail staff refused to accept him after medical screening.

Booking at that time was canceled because of the medical issues and Jones was taken back to the hospital.

Police were called back to the hospital and told Jones had become belligerent again and yanked an oxygen regulator out of the wall in an ER room causing oxygen to spray throughout the ER and causing ER operations to be placed on hold until the oxygen was turned off and temporary repairs made.