WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man who assaulted a pregnant woman and her one-year-old daughter in April has been sentenced to several prison sentences, including having his previous probation revoked and replaced with prison time.

Gabriel Grant, 26, pleaded guilty to the assault of a pregnant person for a 4-year sentence, and the injury to a child charge on the one-year-old was dismissed.

An evading arrest charge filed the same day resulted in 60 days in jail. A drug possession case from 2020 resulted in his probation being revoked and a 5-year prison sentence.

Grant, also known as “Batman Grant” has numerous other convictions since 2016.

The assault and evading charges were filed in April when police went to a house near Piedmont and Barrett and found a woman outside bleeding from an assault.

She said she was pregnant with his child, and Grant became angry about her sleeping in and began punching her. She said she got her daughter and ran outside the front door, and he caught her and put her in a head lock and continued assaulting her until a passerby yelled at him to stop.

He then grabbed the girl by her hair and dragged both back inside.

Police said Grant had left the house, and he was found with the help of witnesses and arrested after a foot chase.

Grant has 17 prior arrests, including several other assault, evading and auto theft charges.