WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls Police arrested a mother for an alleged assault that occurred in 2018.

Police arrested Chanel Williams and charged her with Injury to a Child. According to the arrest warrant, in October 2018, police were sent to Ben Franklin Elementary School for an 8-year-old with bruises on her face.

Teachers at the school noticed the child had bruises below her eye and three distinct lines above her eye that appeared to form a handprint. The victim told police she had gotten hurt at the Boys & Girls Club, but changed her story and said her cousin slapped her.

WFPD detectives and Child Protective Services spoke to Williams. She told them the victim had gotten hurt while playing at the Boys & Girls Club. She said employees told her about the injury when it happened and said they documented it. Employees at the Boys and Girls Club told investigators the victim hasn’t been there in weeks.

Williams called CPS and admitted she caused the victim’s injuries and lied about where her daughter got hurt.

She also said she told her daughter to lie if anyone asked what happened. Williams said she bumped into the victim, causing the bruise under the victim’s eye, but could not explain the other bruises on her daughter’s face.

The investigator noted, Williams’ explanation did not match the injuries on the victim.

A warrant was issued, and Williams was arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022. She was freed on a $5,000 bond.