WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — An adoptive mother who told police a few days of sexual abuse by her daughter’s stepdad would not make much difference since it had been going on so long, has pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

58-year-old Patricia Ann Dale made a plea deal in 89th District Court for a two year term in state jail, which was suspended to three years probation according to records.

She was arrested a year ago when police say she put her children at risk by taking no action after her two girls told her of the abuse.

They say the 14-year-old girl told a CPS investigator on May 11, 2021 her stepfather had abused her for four years, and that on May 6, 2012, she and her older sister told their adoptive mother about the abuse, but she did not believe them.

Two days after the girls reported it to CPS, police interviewed Dale who confirmed both girls had told her their stepdad had been touching them inappropriately and sometimes would try to come into the shower with them.

She also said the 14-year-old showed her where condoms were kept and Dale said she took them so the stepfather could not used them on the girls. But she said she did not confront the girls’ stepfather about the allegations for several days because she was busy working.

When the CPS investigator asked Dale why she did not immediately report the alleged sexual abuse to police, they say she told them she figured it had been going on for a while by then, so four more days would not matter much, and she admitted she left the girls alone with the stepdad while she was at work.

It appears the stepdad was not charged and died from a suicide on May 14, 2021, after being stopped by police in Amarillo.