WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls Police arrested two alleged shoplifters they say put up violent resistance to being taken to jail on Monday, March 20.

Sarela Dominguez, Wichita County Jail booking photo

In one incident Monday morning at the Walmart on Central Freeway, police were called when loss prevention officers spotted 27-year-old Sarela Dominguez in the store and say she had been barred.

They said she had been at another Walmart the day before and run out a fire exit with stolen merchandise.

This time they said she had a shopping basket, a duffel bag and a basket with concealed merchandise, and they told arriving police officers she was near the fire exit where her car was parked.

Police officers confronted her at the end of an aisle and tried to detain her but said she took off running. Other officers pursued by running down a parallel aisle, and one tackled her at the end.

Officers said she resisted being detained, and she kicked one officer in the chest. The officer got up to get his taser out, and Dominguez got back up. The officer attempted to fire his taser, but it failed so he again pulled her down to the floor.

He and other officers were able to get her handcuffed but said she still tried to get up.

The total value of items police said she had concealed was just over $800.

Alexander Williams, Wichita County Jail booking photo

In another shoplifting arrest, police arrested 27-year-old Alexander Williams on charges of aggravated robbery and I.D. fraud at the United Supermarket on Iowa Park Road Monday, March 20, after they said he tried to stab a loss prevention officer with a knife.

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday, police were called and told a man was trying to stab people and several people were trying to hold him down in the store.

Officers found Williams near the bathroom being restrained by employees.

Employees told police Williams had come in, and a customer bought him a burrito because Williams said he did not have any money.

They said Williams immediately ate the burrito and started to leave, but then came back in the store and took another burrito and walked out. The loss prevention officer told him to stop and said Williams backed away, so the officer grabbed his arm and the two fell to the ground and began struggling.

The officer said Williams pulled out a folding knife clipped to a pocket and flipped the blade out and swung it at him, but he was able to knock it out of Williams’ hand.

He told police he feared for his life and that Williams was trying to kill him over a burrito.

Police retrieved the knife and arrested Williams, who has a conviction for burglary in 2015.