WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man faces several charges after residents of an apartment complex say he was trying to shoot people and several of them took him to the ground and took the magazine out of the gun.

Raymond Munoz is charged with unlawful carrying a weapon, tampering with evidence, tampering with identification numbers of a gun and possession of marijuana.

On Saturday, April 2 about 5:45 pm police responded to a high priority threat call at the Woodview Apartments on 32nd Street.

It was reported a man had a handgun and was shooting at people.

Before the first officer could arrive, callers advised that people in the area had got the man down and were holding him and were able to remove the magazine from the gun, but that he had freed himself and fled north on Jacksboro Highway and still had the gun.

An officer in the area saw a man matching his description standing in a store parking lot on Holliday and circled back to check him, but the man had disappeared when he got back.

The officer went inside the store and saw a man inside sweating and breathing heavily.

When the officer asked him where he had come from he said the suspect told him he had just finished running.

The officer detained and frisked him but found no weapon.

However, the officer went to the back of the store where he first saw Munoz and found a handgun on a bottom shelf behind a stack of Styrofoam cups.

He said it had one round in the chamber but no magazine and some of the serial numbers had been scratched off.

As of Tuesday, Munoz remained jailed on $15,750 bond.

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