WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The mother and wife of a Wichita County man said he began seeing things in the reflective surface of a cooking pot lid before he barricaded them in a room and held a knife to them.

Ronald Miser of Iowa Park was taken into custody on November. 6, 2022, on Bell Road by deputies and Iowa Park police.

Ronald Miser Wichita County Jail Mugshot

Deputies were dispatched to Bell Road to check on people reportedly barricaded in a room.

When they arrived they said all the doors were locked, and Miser’s mother was knocking on a window and telling them to break the door down because Miser was the one threatening them.

Miser then opened a door with a kitchen knife in his hand. A deputy said he dropped the knife when ordered to do so, and was taken into custody.

Deputies and police said Miser’s mother told them Miser had held the knife to her throat saying “Get that off of you” and “Get off my mother.”

Miser’s wife told officers she had been sitting on the couch and Miser began stabbing the cushion.

The victims said the problems had started earlier when Miser began using the reflection of a pot lid to see hallucinations.

Miser has numerous past arrests including charges of terroristic threats, stalking, retaliation, aggravated sexual assault, injury to a child and more.