WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman who was arrested in 2018 when police said they tracked her down when her bumper and license plate were left behind in a hit and run accident has now been arrested after officers said she left her cell phone in a car she was burglarizing last year.

Carly Mason, 29, was booked into jail Saturday, January 14, 2023, on a warrant issued last April for burglary of vehicles. At that time she was listed as at large.

Last March, police responded to the 1800 block of Brazos for a report of a vehicle burglary.

The owner said a door was ajar, and the vehicle had been rummaged through and several power tools were missing.

He gave officers a cell phone he said he found on the center arm rest that did not belong to him.

Police identified the owner of the phone through the wallpaper photo and contact information as Mason.

They also found a selfie photo posted on Facebook the month before of Mason in front of a mirror, and the phone in that photo matched the case, with the same worn marks on the edges.

They also located a police in-car video of Mason being arrested in a traffic stop two weeks earlier showing the same phone when they allowed her to make a call.

A week before this report, the same officer investigating this case reported warrants had been issued for Mason and her boyfriend for a stolen truck and a car burglary in nearby areas.

Police alleged the pair to be burglarizing and stealing vehicles and said they had gone to pawn shops to sell stolen property and that Mason was last seen selling stolen items at a pawn shop on Seymour Highway three days before the Brazos burglary.

In the 2018 arrest for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, police said a pickup parked on Emerson Street was struck in the rear causing more than $4,000 damage.

A resident reported being awakened by a loud crash, and when he came out, the other vehicle was gone, but he had surveillance video showing a 2002 Jeep with the lights off leaving the scene.

He recognized it as Mason’s because he said she had been coming onto his property for several nights.

Police also found a front bumper with a license plate attached belonging to a 2002 Jeep in the street.

Carly Mason, 2018

They said the video shows the Jeep arriving with headlights off and parking in front of the man’s home, then later leaving with headlights still off and crashing into the victim’s truck, then speeding off.

Officers went to Mason’s residence and arrested her and said she had a recent laceration to her lip.

Records show Mason was arrested in 2020 for Failure to Identify after police said she and a man were at an apartment complex storage shed acting suspiciously and were followed as they drove through parking lots.

The officer reported when they saw him following them they accelerated and left the parking lot, and when stopped, the officer said Mason identified herself with a name that was actually her sister’s.

She was arrested three months later for Failure to I.D. and giving her sister’s name. That charge is pending, while the first one was dismissed.

Jail records show she has 14 arrests and three convictions for possession of a controlled substance and one pending charge of possession of a controlled substance.