ARCHER COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — An Archer City teen is free from Archer County jail after he is arrested and tells investigators that it was “one hundred percent possible” that ignored the alleged victim when she said no during an alleged sexual assault outside of Lone Star Tequila Bar in Wichita Falls.

Colton Canada, 18, was booked into Archer County Jail on a charge of sexual assault on May 17 and released the same day.

Colton Canada Archer County Jail booking photo

According to the arrest affidavit, on May 10 a Texas Ranger conducted an interview with the alleged victim. During the interview, she stated that she ran into Canada at the bar on the night of April 30. She stated that she had been drinking, and while dancing with Canada, she become hot and dizzy and said she wanted to go outside.

She said Canda walked her to her car and helped her into the back seat then got in the back seat with her.

She said Canada began to kiss and grope her even though she told him she was not interested and made her touch him, then began sexually assaulting her.

The victim said she became upset and began to cry, and said “no” and “stop” and pushed Canada away. According to the alleged victim, Canada told her to “at least let him finish”.

On May 12, a Texas Ranger and Archer County investigator interviewed Canada and say he admitted to being at the bar and was intoxicated. He told the officers that he did “guide” the victim to her vehicle and engaged in sexual contact with the victim for 45 minutes.

Canada also said that during the last five minutes of intercourse, the victim appeared uncomfortable and said her head was turned away from Canada.

Canada claimed that he did not hear the victim say “no” or “stop” but it was “one hundred percent possible” that he ignored her pleas.

He said that the victim told him that it was hurting and pushed him on his chest. It was at this point that Canada told authorities that he put his pants back on, apologized to the victim and told her he was not trying to hurt her.

Lone Star Tequilla Bar is advertised as an 18 and up bar, and Canada was 17 at the time of the assault. The age of the victim is unknown.

Canada was held in Archer County Jail on a bond of $20,000.