WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The alleged suspect in a vehicle burglary got caught after she reportedly tried to sell the stolen item back to the victim.

According to the arrest warrant, on Dec. 6, 2022, Wichita Falls Police responded to a vehicle burglary follow-up where the victim reported a $5,000 saxophone was stolen from his vehicle on Harrison Street. The victim said he did not have any suspect information but was able to provide a serial number on the instrument. 

The burglary occurred on December 1. On December 6, officers were sent to Sam Gibbs Music store on Jacksboro Highway to check on someone trying to sell a saxophone. The officer spoke to an employee, who was also the victim of the theft.

The victim said a woman called to ask if they would buy a saxophone. The victim asked the woman to text him a picture of the instrument. The victim said he knew immediately after receiving the picture the saxophone was his. 

The woman and a man arrived at the store in a red Pontiac but did not go in. The victim said the woman texted him, and he asked her to come back later when his boss was there. When they came back, police stopped the car. 

The passenger was ID’d as Brandi Williams, and the saxophone was found in a bag in the back seat. The couple told police they got the saxophone from a third person for $100 and were planning to sell it for more. It was seized and returned to the victim, but no arrest was made at the time.

Officers spoke to the third person who reportedly sold the saxophone to Williams and the male suspect. He denied knowing anything about the saxophone and called Williams and the other suspect thieves.

Warrants were issued and Williams was arrested on Friday, December 16. The second suspect was named in the arrest warrant, but has not been arrested. Williams was freed on an $8,000 bond.

The report noted Williams and male suspect both have lengthy criminal records.