WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who may finally stand trial for an alleged murder in 2012, is first being tried for a separate charge in 2017 related to reported road rage.

Clinton Thompson’s jury trial on the charge of threatening bodily injury with a deadly weapon is underway in 89th District Court but is being presided over by a visiting judge.

His trial for the murder of 32-year-old Rocky Buckley 10 years ago is also on the docket this week in 89th District.

Thompson was not charged in that case until 2019 when he was indicted for manslaughter, and later the charge upgraded to murder.

In that case, like the road rage case, claims of self-defense were made.

The defense told the jury that a person is allowed the use of deadly force against someone else using deadly force.

In this case, Thompson pulled a gun when he felt threatened by a large work truck which he says was tailgating and following him in Wichita Falls.

Prosecutors say the victim in the case was just going his normal route to work. Then he called police and followed Thompson until they arrived and arrested him.

Buckley was shot to death in Thompson’s driveway on Karla Street when Buckley was returning a cooler and an argument ensued.

Thompson said he feared for his safety and shot Buckley, and no charges were filed at the time.