WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man authorities believe burglarized and set fire to several apartments in Wichita Falls is being held on bonds totaling $300,000.

31-year-old David Wayne Cannon so far faces two felony charges, but police said more charges could follow.

Sergeant John Spragins with the Property Crimes Unit said while Cannon admitted to setting the fires, he didn’t give a clear motive for doing so.

They believe, however, that it was done just to destroy evidence of his burglaries.

“He’s a bad guy,” Wichita Falls Police Sergeant John Spragins said.

That’s how Spragins describes David Wayne Cannon, the man accused of four burglaries of apartments in Wichita Falls, that were also set on fire.

“He was very selective in the places he was he would go and what he was doing,” Spragins said.

Cannon faces two felony charges of burglary of a habitation with more charges expected in the coming days.

One incident took place on August 8 of last year where the victim, then MSU senior Veronica Dollar, suffered a complete loss.

“For a while, I lost hope and what worried me the most was that there was just gonna be a continuation of victims and things like that and now that an arrest has been made, it’s kinda like a relief that nobody else’s life will be affected,” Dollar said.

Cannon is also being accused of burglarizing and setting fire to at least 3 mustang village apartments.

Spragins believes Cannon’s main intent was to burglarize the apartments and the fires were just to cover his tracks.

“He did go into details with us as far as things that we knew like how he made entry into the apartment so that help confirms his involvement in the fires and burglaries,” Spragins said.

Spragins said Cannon has been cooperative so far in this joint investigation by WFPD Crimes Against Property Detectives, the WPFD Special Operations Unit, Wichita Falls Fire Department Arson Investigators and the Midwestern State University Police Department but there are other things to be done in order to put together his patterns.

“When you’re doing the interviews in these criminal investigations, it’s hard to tell if they’re remorseful for their crimes or remorseful for getting caught,” Spragins said.

Though no one was home during the burglaries and fires, investigators made this case their top priority because of that potential.

“This is what worries us most, the victims themselves of the apartments were not home but there were other people displaced in at least one of the fires as well so it’s very important to us that we got him,” Fire Marshal Cody Melton said.

“I just don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through because not only was I affected, my family was affected,” Dollar said

As they continue to put this case together, authorities urge citizens to continue to be aware of their surroundings.

Melton said each apartment had $50,000 dollars or more in damage from these incidences.