WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman police say has been victimizing Wichita Falls businesses for years as part of a two-woman shoplifting team, is back in jail after police say she stole a saw just a few weeks after being released from jail, and was identified on a social media site.

Tina Crump is jailed on four theft charges and two forgery charges, according to records. The most recent charge is for theft on July 14. Details of that case are not yet available.

Another theft case filed Monday, August 22, is for an alleged theft in March at Ace Hardware according to an affidavit.

Tina Crump

Crump was released from jail March 4 on a theft charge and police say this theft occurred March 23.

Police say after posts identifying the two suspects in the Ace store, they viewed surveillance video which shows Crump and Chelsea Hoyt come in the store and Crump opening a box with a Dewalt reciprocating saw and Hoyt placing the saw on a shelf behind other items while Crump closes the box and walks away.

They say Crump then comes back and puts the saw under her sweater.

Police say Hoyt was arrested the next day on another outstanding warrant and Crump was with her and was questioned about the Ace Hardware theft and said she knew she had been identified on social media.

Hoyt was also charged, and after pleading in other theft cases, prosecutors agreed to drop this and several more charges when she pleaded guilty in April.

Police say they are familiar with both Crump and Hoyt working as a team shoplifting items to sell.

Chelsea Hoyt

Detectives say they have recognized the pair in surveillance video in numerous shoplifting cases at Walmart, Lowe’s, Aldi’s, and other locations and that one would sometimes distract an employee while the other took items.

In one arrest they were charged with taking more than $1,000 of ammunition from Academy Sports.

Both suspects were barred from all Walmarts several years ago, and have numerous criminal trespass charges besides the theft charges Crump now has 10 cases pending in the court dockets.

In April, Hoyt pleaded guilty to five cases and had 19 cases dismissed.